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Cargo Claim guidelines for Container services

In accordance with COSCO Shipping Lines Shanghai Bill of Lading Terms and conditions, “COSCO Shipping Lines (UK) Ltd” as agent for the Carrier will promptly assist the customers with claims for damage to goods whilst in transit.

To ensure quick and proper handling of claims for damage, please refer to the following:

Upon establishing that a potential claim exists, the cargo interests should notify their insurer immediately.

In cases when it is evident that a serious shortage and or damage exists, the Carriers local agency should be notified in order to ascertain if the line will arrange a survey on behalf of the carrier. The cargo interests and/or their insurers may also wish to appoint an independent surveyor.

The cargo interest should give a preliminary written notice of claim to the carrier and/or their agents within the period specified in the contract of carriage. The notice should include Vessel, Voyage, bill of lading, container number, type, and estimated amount of loss, as well as date of loss if known.

If a claim is not covered by insurance, an official claim should be filed as soon as possible with the carrier, once the amount of the loss is established.

The following are the supporting documents required:

1. A Statement of claim, detailing the claimed amount.

2. A copy of the original bill of lading.

3. Copies of the commercial invoice and packing list.

4. A copy of the claimants survey if applicable.

5. A copy of the road haulage delivery note if applicable.

6. The out turn report showing exceptions if damaged cargo. In case of shortage the container and seal number should both be indicated.

7. Photograph of damages if available.

8. Subrogation form (if applicable/ available)

8. For cargo that is not salvageable, a certificate of destruction, any salvage proceeds realised should of course be deducted from the gross claim amount and evidenced accordingly.

9. Discrepancy / customs certificate (if applicable)

10. Relevant correspondence.

It is the responsibility of the cargo interest to take whatever steps necessary to mitigate the loss incurred.

To register a claim please click here to email:  COSCO Shipping Lines (UK) Ltd


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