All containers will be weighed on arrival and the following costs will apply:

  • Where the VGM is provided prior to arrival GBP 1.00

  • If the port is requested to provide VGM the charge will be GBP 20.00

  • If the VGM is mis-declared, an additional admin fee of GBP 20.00 on top of the terminal weight charge of GBP 20.00 plus GBP 1.00 standard admin fee will apply

  • For a Shipper/Cargo Broker who has informed the port that they will provide a VGM 24 hours prior to the declared vessel ETA and then fails to do so, there will a SOLAS Exception charge of £20.00. This is in addition to the weighing charge of £20.00 for the port to provide a VGM.

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