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AL MURAYKH 003W now calling London Gateway

June 17, 2016

Coscon (UK) have received the following advice from UASC Line

Vessel currently showing arrival of 22/06 1800hrs


Good morning all

Vessel is now calling LGW next Wednesday as no berth available Felixstowe until Friday.


On behalf of Senior Management, Coscon UK Limited, we apologise for the inconvenience, however this situation is totally beyond our control.

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Brazil Stevedores Strike

June 10, 2016

Dear Valued Customers;

We are in receipt of the following information from our colleagues in Cosco Brazil:-

Please note that heard today after assembly held this morning, Stevedores Union workers decided to go on strike on June 21st, for a 24-hour stoppage at all Brazilian Public Ports.  During the strike period, it’s very likely that no operations will be carried out at public terminals. Refer to private terminals, will revert. The Union protest against possible loss of social and labor benefits, as well as changes to ports rules and Dock Companies privatization. They claim for the return of the Federal Department of Ports autonomy, since the current federal governing body moved it to be allocated under the Ministry of Transport. We are following this issue closely, and will revert with developments/impacts, and which ports are going to adhere the movement, asap. We will revert with development in due course.

Best Regards, Operations & Claims Department COSCO Brasil S/A – Santos Port

Thank you for your continued support.

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SOLAS – Safety of Life at Sea

June 9, 2016

Dear Valued Customer,

Re SOLAS – Verified Gross Mass

As you will be aware from our previous notices, the new regulations come into effect from the 1st July 2016 and we would like to update you with further information as we know it at the moment.

Transhipped Containers

IMO have recently announced that containers sailing prior to the 1st July 2016, but transhipping after this date, will now not require a VGM.

It is anticipated that the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) will not take any action on cargo that has rolled or is shipping on a vessel which has been delayed but obviously, it can only comment on cargo from the UK.

Port Operations

The Ports of Felixstowe, London Gateway and Southampton have made it clear that the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) will be required a minimum of 24 hours prior to the vessel arrival. However, as the operation is new, we will add a buffer of an additional 24 working hours on top of this to deal with any teething problems that there may be. We intend to review this once everything has settled and will update you with any issues that we have discovered. As a rule of thumb, our usual vessel arrivals are listed at the end of this notice along with our intended cut offs but these are subject to change and should be checked at the time of shipment.

The three main ports with whom we currently deal have confirmed how they plan to handle this new regulation and the following is a summary of this:

Southampton / London Gateway

All containers will be weighed on arrival and the following costs will apply:

  • Where the VGM is provided prior to arrival GBP 1.00
  • VGM provision after box arrival but before 24 hour cut-off GBP 3.00
  • Where the terminal is requested to weigh the container and to provide a VGM with electronic signature GBP 17.50
  • If Shipper provided VGM is not received by VGM cut off time and the container has arrived, the Terminal subsequently issues a VGM = GBP 3.00 + GBP 17.50
  • If Shipper VGM differs by +/- 5% or +/- 500kg (whichever is greater) from the Terminal measured weight = GBP 10.00 mis-declaration charge + GBP 17.50 + (GBP 1.00 or GBP 3.00)
  • Weighing facility available from 13th June 2016FelixstoweContrary to their original plan, all containers will now be weighed on arrival and the following costs will apply: 
  • Where the VGM is provided prior to arrival GBP 1.00
  • If the port is requested to provide VGM the charge will be GBP 20.00
  • If the VGM is mis-declared, an additional admin fee of GBP 20.00 on top of the terminal weight charge of GBP 20.00 plus GBP 1.00 standard admin fee will applySince the Shipping Line is responsible for administrating the new regulation, we will add a cost of GBP 5.00 per container to the above charges.Documentation 

With regard to the declaration of the VGM, an email is acceptable providing it states that the weight is the Verified Gross Mass and is signed off by an individual associated to the company or by VERMAS message directly to Destin8. The verified gross mass must include everything within the container including any dunnage and also the tare weight of the unit which can be found on the door. Please note that the shipper on the Bill Of Lading is responsible for this even if they have nominated a third party to handle the operation and declaration.

Waste Cargo

We are aware that, in a high number of cases, scrap cargo is loaded in bulk and is sold on a weight basis meaning that vehicles are usually weighed before and after loading. BIFA have advised that there are 4 classes of weighbridge in the UK and of these, only class 3 is acceptable for obtaining a VGM. With this in mind, we would strongly urge that you check the facilities that you currently use also noting their Terms and Conditions. We cannot stress enough that this is the shipper on the B/L’s responsibility as the line only needs to see a declaration of the verified gross mass.

It is anticipated that demand for weighbridges will escalate over the coming months and needless to say, this will impact on transport significantly. With effect from 1st of July (booking date) diversions  wil be charged at  GBP 50 up to 5 miles away plus GBP 2.00 per mile thereafter but may have to review this at a later date.

Current Schedules And Cut Offs

Service / Arrive / CAM Cut Off / VGM Cut Off:-

AEX1 / Wed / Tue / Mon

FAL1 / Mon / Fri / Thu

NE9 / Sat / Fri / Thu

NE7 – AEX11 / Mon / Fri / Thu

NE2 – AEX12 / Thu / Wed / Tue

CEM – NE5 / Sat / Fri / Thu

EPIC / Sat / Fri / Thu


The Declaration

Below items are mandatory when you submit the VGM:

  • Vessel                                                 :
  • Booking No. or B/L No.                 :
  • Container No.                                   :
  • Verified Gross Mass (VGM)          :
  • Weight Scale (KGS)                         :
  • Signature (Responsible Party)     :
  • Authorized Person                          :


The Shipper is responsible for providing the VGM or he can nominate a third party but an authorization in writing has to be given to the carrier. Our companies do not verify the authorization and all risks arising from the VGM information will be borne by the shipper.

The above will be available as a form on our websites within the next few days

Yours faithfully,




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