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UPDATED Schedule Arrivals

February 24, 2016

Today’s update as follows


Due to weather conditions in Felixstowe.
Please find latest berthing arrangements for CKYHE vessels
Vessel                                                   ETA Berthing

Ever Learned                                     0400hrs 26.02.2016

Mackinac Bridge                               2200hrs 26.02.2016

Ever Lunar                                           1600hrs 27.02.2016

Thalassa Axia                                     1600hrs 29.02.2016

Cosco Belgium                                   1700hrs 29.03.2016

Millau Bridge                                      0700hrs 01.03.2016

Ever Lawful                                         0700hrs 02.03.2016

YM Witness                                        2000hrs 04.03.2016

Thalassa Mana                                  2200hrs 06.03.2016

Ever Loading                                      1800hrs 08.03.2016

Cosco France                                     1400hrs 10.03.2016          (Late arriving Europe due to adverse weather in Far East)


Please be advised, we have been informed Tuesday 23rd February, that the YM WORTH with original ETA of 11 March into Felixstowe is now omitting and will discharge UK cargoes at Rotterdam, pending update regarding return options.

This decision was made by the vessel operators to recover their scheduled port calls.


Notice of 22nd February 2016

1)      CSCL INDIAN OCEAN 0009W has resumed her navigation under AEX1 service from Feb 9th and coastal schedule has been updated accordingly. The incident caused her 8 days delay in EUROPE and her coastal schedule in F/E will be updated soon.

2)      CSCL ATLANTIC OCEAN 0007W delay 2 days at FXT and 4 days at HAM due to bad weather condition, thus she has to OMIT BEZEE for schedule recovery and ad-hoc GBFXT.


1)      BEZEE westbound cargo will be TS at RTM to connect next available AEX1 service vessel(AL DAHNA 1602W).

2)      CUT and RUN at GBFXT due to poor operation and short-landed cargo will be discharged under her GBFXT ad-hoc.

3)      AL DAHNA 1602W call LONDON GATEWAY i/o FXT due to berth not available as vessel delay caused by severe weather.

4)      CSCL GLOBE 0011W delay 3 days at SUZ due to bad weather.

5)      BARZAN 1604W call LONDON GATEWAY i/o FXT due to delay caused by earlier port closures in both NE China as South China Region. Force Majeure has been declared.

6)      AL NEFUD 1605W OMIT SGSIN for schedule recovery and call call LONDON GATEWAY i/o FXT due to delay caused by severe weather.

7)      TIHAMA 1606W delay 6 days due to dense fog at CNTAO and CNNGB.


Please find below berthing prospects issued Wednesday 17th 18:20 hrs 

Thalassa Doxa             ETA 0200hrs 18.02.2016         ETD 1000hrs 20.02.2016

Cosco Spain**             ETA 1300hrs 20.02.2016         ETD 1800hrs 22.02.2016

**May depart earlier (cut and run – due to tide window in Hamburg)


Thalassa Niki              ETA 0200hrs 22.02.2016         ETD 2200hrs 23.02.2016

Ever Lunar                  ETA 0200hrs 24.02.2016         ETD 0200hrs 25.02.2016

Mackinac Bridge        ETA 0600hrs 25.02.2016         ETD 1600hrs 26.02.2016

Ever Learned              ETA 0200hrs 26.02.2016         ETD 0700hrs 27.02.2016

Millau Bridge              ETA 0600hrs 27.02.2016         ETD 1900hrs 28.02.2016

Thalassa Axia              ETA 0600hrs 28.02.2016         ETD 0200hrs 01.03.2016

Cosco Belgium            ETA 2200hrs 28.02.2016         ETD 0700hrs 01.03.2016

Ever Lawful                 ETA 1600hrs 01.03.2016         ETD 2200hrs 02.03.2016


Cosco Italy will skip Felixstowe.  Transhipment details are yet to be advised.

For the most up to date information please contact your local office.

Thank you.


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Requirements Regarding the Verified Gross Mass

February 18, 2016

Starting 1st July 2016, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) will enforce the Safety of Life at Sea Convention (SOLAS) requirements regarding the verification of the gross mass of packed containers.

“A packed container will not be allowed to be loaded on board vessels to which the SOLAS Convention applies unless the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of the container has been provided to the ship’s master or his representative and to the terminal or its representative sufficiently in advance to allow for the edition of the loading plan.”

The responsibility for obtaining and documenting the Verified Gross Mass of a packed container lies with the shipper.

The Verified Gross Mass, also known as the VGM, means the total gross mass of a packed container which can be obtained by one of the two methods described below:

Ø  Method No. 1: Using calibrated and certified equipment, the shipper or a third party duly appointed by the shipper weighs the packed container at the end of the stuffing operation once the seal is affixed.

Ø  Method No. 2: The shipper or a third party, by arrangement of the shipper, weighs all packages, cargo items, pallets, dunnage and other packing and securing material and adds the tare mass of the container. The total sum finally obtained is the weight to be provided. This method is subject to certification and approval by the competent authority of the State in which the packing and sealing of the container was completed.

Please also be reminded of this regulation: If the Verified Gross Mass is not provided, the container will not be loaded onto the ship.

For further information, please refer to the SOLAS Chapter VI and the IMO Guidelines regarding The Verified Gross Mass.

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Company Restructuring

February 1, 2016

Dear Valued Clients;

As you may be aware, shareholder meetings of China COSCO Holding Co. Ltd., the parent company of COSCON, and CSCL were held on February 1, 2016 to review a restructuring proposal (please refer to the announcement issued by COSCO and CSCL for details).

The fundamental purpose of the restructuring is to provide better products and services to our customers. After restructuring we will have larger capacity, more services to offer, broader business and better optimized route network. It also means that the new organisation will have more broad and in-depth opportunities to work with you.

In order to ensure smooth transition of the integration, the company hired intermediary agency in the past 3 months to plan thoughtfully in compliance with the law and regulations. There will be an official integration transitional period upon the closure of the deal, during which, we will continue to serve our customers through the original channels. We commit to smooth transition and will maintain best service quality and business continuity as much as possible.

Any changes and updates will be communicated upfront.

Any questions/inquiries regarding the integration, please contact your account manager or send an email and we will follow up with the person responsible and reply ASAP.

Thank you for your continued support, as always.

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