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M/V Cosco Shanghai Rescues Crew of Sinking Ship

October 23, 2015

Cosco UK Limited London Registered M/V “Cosco Shanghai” responded to a distress call from the Philippines flag bulk carrier M/V “Foxhound ” on the evening of Saturday, 17th October, off the coast of Papua New Guinea.

The “Foxhound ” had just finished loading a cargo of logs and was on passage to Kimbe to clear outbound for Zhangjiagang in China.

Master of the M/V Cosco Shanghai immediately adjusted course to the distress call location and reported to AMSA at the same time. Upon locating the lifeboat with the crew of M/V Foxhound, the crew of the M/V Cosco Shanghai commenced rescue procedures.

All 21 seamen from the M/V Foxhound were safely rescued and have been landed at Sydney Australia on the 22nd October.

Cosco UK have received words of congratulation from the MCA for the efforts of the crew of the M/V ” COSCO Shanghai.

This operation once again reflects Cosco Crew’s readiness to come to the aid of vessels in distress, and the success of the rescue operations is owed to the skills of the crew who undergo constant training in preparation for such unfortunate incidents at sea.


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Extra Handling on the Terminal

October 21, 2015

Clients are advised that for all waste/recycled product being exported from UK under Coscon B/L, shipper is required to produce proof of product photographs taken as follows:

Right hand door open showing container number on the inside right

Both doors open

Both doors closed

Any container where such detail cannot be produced, may be provisionally landed for examination at the Shippers expense.

Charges incurred would be as follows:

£125.00 Shunt Fee to cover cost of positioning the container for inspection and returning to Export Stack

£4.00 new seal

£ 25.00 photographs and administration

Thank you for your cooperation and continued support.


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