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USA Import/Export from/to Europe & Mediterranean

July 21, 2014

Coscon confirm announcement of new FMC Rule filed WEF 17th July 2014, applicable to all cargo moving between USA and Europe/Mediterranean.

When cargo is shut out due to overbooked vessels resulting in carrier rolling cargo, or, when the vessel is cancelled or delayed, then carrier shall absorb all storage charges and handling costs from the time of receipt, provided the cargo is loaded to the carrier’s next scheduled vessel.

However, if the cargo has already incurred storage charges for the period up to the originally scheduled vessel sailing date, then the shipper shall be liable for such storage.  The carrier shall only absorb charges and costs from the date of the originally scheduled vessel sailing.

If carrier has informed shipper of vessel delay more than 10 days in advance, then all storage charges are for the account of the shipper.

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