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Suez Canal Fee Increase

December 12, 2011

Due to increasing costs Coscon announce that the SUEZ CANAL FEE will increase with effect from 1st February 2012 to USD20/TEU for shipments FM/TO Far East and IPBC area TO/FM North West Europe (incl Portugal, Spain and Baltic Sea Region) and Mediterranean area (incl west Mediterranean region, east Mediterranean region, Black Sea region, West Africa region, North Africa region and Canary Islands) with effective from (Bill of lading issued date) until further notice.

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Weather Disrupts Port Ops

December 7, 2011

Please be advised high winds are causing disruption around the country with a number of depots/ports currently closed.  As a result:

Felixstowe – Port & Pentalvers currently both closed
Manchester – FLR Manchester closed for lifting m/ts
Grangemouth – feeders being delayed due to wind disruption

Forecasts suggest Felixstowe port will be closed until later this evening but also other spells of high wind are expecting throughout the rest of the week & into the weekend.

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